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BMW M10 (4 cyl) and M30 (big 6 cyl)
Rocker Arms

SRPM10RA - Billet Aluminum Rocker Arms


BMW M10 (4 cyl) and M30 (big 6 cyl)
Shaft Collars

SRPM10SC - Shaft Collars


BMW M20 (6 cyl) Rocker Arms

SRPM20RA - Billet Aluminum
Rocker Arms (qty. 12)


BMW M10 (4 cyl) 2 ½” Diameter
Aluminum Underdrive Pulley

SRPM10UP - Billet Aluminum
Underdrive Pulley (qty. 1)


BMW M10 (4 cyl) Crankfire
Ignition Package

SRPM10CI – Aluminum Pulley, 3 ½” trigger wheel and sensor adaptor


BMW M10 (4 cyl) Domed Race Pistons

SRPM10P1 90 and 92 mm Domed Race Pistons